Uptown West Neighbourhood Transportation Study

This newsletter is written and approved by the Uptown West Neighbourhood Transportation Study Task Force. It will be distributed to the Uptown West Neighbourhood.

Newsletter #3

The Study is progressing well with meaningful community engagement in identifying transportation solutions that make sense for the Uptown West neighbourhood and the City as a whole. See below for recent highlights.


Study Update


A very successful Public Engagement Session (PES) was held on October 30, 2013. The turnout was outstanding, with over 150 residents in attendance!


The PES included: a Presentation on study progress, an open Q & A period, and a highly participative roundtable exercise. Members of the Study Team and Task Force were available to answer questions, and there were comment forms for residents who wished to provide written input.


The main highlight of the PES was the participant roundtable exercise that engaged the community in identifying key neighbourhood transportation issues and ideas for addressing them. Some of the main transportation issues included traffic infiltration, speeding, safety of all road users, lack of active transportation (pedestrian and cycling) connections and impacts associated with intensification and future LRT. A wide variety of traffic calming tools was suggested by residents including: on- street bike lanes, chicanes, curb extensions, diverters, one-way streets, on-street parking, parkettes, raised crosswalks / intersections, raised medians, road closures, rubber speed cushions, speed humps, turn restrictions, and vehicle-activated traffic calming signs. Many residents cited diverters, road closures, and one-way streets as preferred measures to solve concerns relating to traffic infiltration and safety. Improving the active transportation network by connecting sidewalks and providing on-street bike lanes was also a high priority for some residents.


If you missed the PES, the presentation and display materials can be viewed at www.waterloo.ca/uptownwest.


Road Classification Recommendation


At the PES, the Study Team recommended that sections of Avondale Avenue, Allen Street, and John Street in the Uptown West neighbourhood would maintain their local road designations. Session participants responded positively to this recommendation and City Staff are supportive of this finding.






Next Steps


While there were many ideas generated at the PES, as expected, some conflicted with each other (for example, which direction a one-way street should take). The Study Team is now diligently addressing the trade-offs required in search of a balanced approach and options that will provide a net gain to the community, without causing severe detriment to any particular streets. The development of options will be cognizant of the needs of emergency response providers as well as maintenance operations such as snow plowing and garbage collection. Options will also recognize constraints such as the Highway Traffic Act and other jurisdictional boundaries. The options will be assessed in consideration of the overall study objective, and against the evaluation criteria developed earlier in the study process, in collaboration with the Task Force, and shared with the community at the PES.


Overall Study Objective: “To preserve the neighbourhood streets against potential traffic infiltration and safety issues due to growth, whilst recognizing the City’s strategic plans and approved policies on transportation”.


Evaluation Criteria



   Addresses the study objective.

   Protects integrity of low density residential streets.

   Provides safe, appropriate local access.

   Encourages active transportation – for recreation,

commuting and access to the ?future LRT.

   Enhances community space.

Traffic Operations

Minimizes detrimental impacts to other residential

streets / locations.

Minimizes impact on emergency response times.?

Reduces vehicle speeds.?

Considers operations of the future LRT.


Mitigates the amount of cut-through vehicular traffic.

Minimizes detrimental impacts to residents.


Improves safety for all users – pedestrians of all

ages and abilities, cyclists, drivers.

Likelihood of compliance.


Installation/construction costs.

?Operation and maintenance costs.


The Study Team will present several options to the community, tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2014. Notices of this future community meeting will be sent to residents on the study mailing list, posted on the City’s website and in The Waterloo Chronicle, and circulated within the community about 2-3 weeks before the date of the event.


Get Involved!?For more information, or study documents, please visit our study website at www.waterloo.ca/uptownwest, or contact


either of the study team members listed below:


Chris Hodgson, P.Eng.


Senior Project Engineer?Engineering Services?Integrated Planning & Public Works, City of Waterloo 265 Lexington Court, PO Box 337 Station Waterloo Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8?519-886-2310 Ext. 304 Christopher.Hodgson@waterloo.ca


Suzette Shiu, P.Eng.


Consultant Project Manager Cole Engineering Group Ltd.?70 Valleywood Drive Markham, ON L3R 4T5 905-940-6161 Ext. 436 UptownWest@ColeEngineering.ca