Goals for the Next 4 Years

Engage and communicate with community members in Uptown and across Waterloo.
Lead, listen, and lobby for Uptown residents and businesses as the LRT and King Streetscape are constructed over the next 3 years.

Collaborate with the community on initiatives that will create an active and vibrant core. Revitalize and animate the dozen surface parking lots with transformative city-building projects.

Waterloo requires a smart growth approach to new development and affordable housing along the LRT corridor. The inclusion of all residents, celebration of diversity, and full participation of all groups in our community is essential to a vibrant Waterloo.

  • Smart growth for Waterloo means pedestrian friendly, mixed use development
  • Economic ‘place making’ that will attract global talent to Waterloo
  • Utilization of the City’s tools to encourage and enable the development of housing accessible to all
  • Safeguarding our vibrant urban neighbourhoods and quiet streets
  • Continuing to work on our age-friendly strategy

Your voice at City Hall

From the moment I was elected in 2010 as your city councillor, I have written a monthly newsletter for my constituents. Keeping residents informed and engaged is the purpose. I will continue to prioritize communication if re-elected.

  • I will continue to organize public meetings for feedback
  • I will continue to send out my monthly enewsletter called the “Lowdown on Uptown”
  • I will continue to return your calls and reply to your emails

Jobs and the Economy

Adding new businesses and retaining our current business enterprises is my primary focus to improve Waterloo as a sustainable, vibrant community to live, work and play.  Ways we can do this are:

  • Continue to collaborate with our academic institutions and our vibrant tech sector
  • Improving our global competitiveness by making it easier for enterprises to locate in Waterloo.
  • Economic place-making that will attract global talent to Waterloo
  • “keep it local” – I support buying local and buying Canadian

Creating a Livable and Sustainable Community

  • Promoting a healthy, local food system
  • Promoting active neighbourhood associations
  • Using the City’s tools to encourage and enable the development of housing accessible to all
  • Working with our water experts to ensure that we can protect our water as we grow and intensify as a city
  • Public Spaces spaces must be safe for the community to gather, be active, and enjoy our urban environment
  • I will continue to support the complete streets concept, allowing for all transportation: transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicle operators