ION update – February

ION Update is provide by Kim Moser, Community Relations at the Region of Waterloo.

The newsletter follows.

This year promises to be an exciting one for ION, the Region of Waterloo rapid transit service.  Early utility construction continues in Uptown Waterloo as Bell will be building a new maintenance hole at King and George (in front of Erb Good Funeral Home). With cooperation from mother nature, construction is scheduled to start in early-January and wrap up by mid-February. During this time, Bell will require some rolling lane restrictions. Access, however to all businesses will be maintained throughout. Moving utilities out of the way in advance of ION construction is important as it shortens the amount of time needed to install the LRT infrastructure as well as reduces the overall cost for taxpayers.


More more info contact Kim Moser, Manager of Community Relations.


Allen Street Stop Profile


A centre platform at the intersection of King and Allen, this ION stop will be seamlessly integrated into a highly walkable environment at the south end of UpTown Waterloo.


The ION Allen Stop will connect to a wide range of surrounding residential neighbourhoods, as well as numerous commercial centres. Four minutes by foot to the Sun Life Financial building and 90 seconds by foot to Waterloo City Hall, the stop provides easy access to some of the region’s major employers.


ION travellers exiting at this stop can take advantage of many established businesses and attractions in the area such as the Adult Recreation Centre, Vincenzo’s, the Bauer Kitchen and shops, Sabletine Fine Pastries and the Brick Brewery, to name but a few. The stop is also surrounded by well-known developments such as 144 Park, the Red Condos and, of course, the Bauer Lofts. Across the street, Allen


Square houses numerous offices, including the Canadian National Institute of the Blind.


This stop also serves the neighbourhoods of Mary Allen and UpTown West. As a result, the area has the potential to maintain its urban residential characteristic, contrasting it with the commercial focus of the UpTown Waterloo stop, just 90 seconds down the ION route.


Adding yet another dimension to this stop is the integration of ION with the Region’s active transportation system, as the Allen stop will serve as an access point to the popular Iron Horse Trail for walking and cycling as well as many GRT routes


Serving a broad cross-section of travellers, the Allen stop will ensure the continued development of this area as a key residential, retail and office hub in our region.